Know Your Top Financial Advisors: Jack Brkich, JMB Financial Managers, Inc.

One of the ways Benefit Equity helps to retire your worries is by working with some of Southern California’s top financial advisors. We define top advisors as individuals who focus on Group Retirement Plans and are exceptional with regard to customer service. Today, we’re learning a bit more about Jack Brkich of JMB Financial Managers, Inc. Now, let’s hear from Jack about why he loves what he does so much.

How did you become a Wealth Manager?

As early as first grade I can remember thinking that being a stockbroker would be a terrific job. As life would have it, however, it turned out I was a good athlete and had a knack for math and science, therefore, I went to college to be an athlete and to obtain a civil engineering degree (which became a great foundation for wealth management, in retrospect).

After my baseball playing days ended, I entered into the engineering sector, eventually becoming a project manager for a land development company. It was there that I was steered toward pursuing an MBA, which reignited my interest in being a stockbroker and assisted me in changing careers in 1990.

Within a few years, I found merely providing brokerage services was too narrow, as there was a consistent need among my clients for help in other areas, now referred to as financial planning. I can honestly say I’ve enjoyed wealth management as much or more as I did being an athlete.

With whom do you most enjoy working?

Having my own business, and going through that entire learning experience, I have found I enjoy working with business owners, high-level executives, independent contractors and self-employed people a great deal. The fact that I have already personally experienced what is it to be a business owner – day in and day out – allows for enhanced rapport and deeper relationships with this group of people, as well an ability to help them in ways they haven’t experienced before. This provides a high level of satisfaction with what I do for clients and the impact it makes is very gratifying.

Why are retirement plans a component of what you do for clients?

Traditionally, many Americans have viewed retirement as a time of leisure. Today, more and more people expect to work during their retirement years. Seven out of ten of those surveyed in a recent study said that their ideal plan for balancing work and leisure in retirement would be to include some amount of work. A desire for more money and economic security was the most important reason for working in retirement according to a majority of the survey participants. When asked about their most important financial goal, 88 percent said they would like to save enough money to have financial peace of mind, versus 12 percent who said they would like to accumulate as much wealth as possible. A company sponsored retirement plan can be an excellent tool for the business owner, the employees and the business itself because it can address a wide variety of objectives for each.

Why have you partnered with Benefit Equity?

We continue to receive good service and reliable solutions from Benefit Equity. The longer I have worked with them, the more I realized they have a similar mission, vision and set of values that I do for my firm. This allows us to put our best foot forward with clients.

Family and Interests

Jack and his family live in Orange County, Calif. They have been active in the local community by supporting Children’s Hospital of Orange County (CHOC), the Court Appointed Advocacy Program (CASA) for abused children, Food for The Poor, and The Second Harvest Food Bank. Jack is an avid baseball fan.

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