Know Your Top Financial Advisors: Wade Perry, Stonemark Wealth Management

One of the ways Benefit Equity helps to retire your worries is by working with some of Southern California’s top financial advisors. Today, we’re learning a bit more about Wade Perry, Managing Principal and Co-Founder of Stonemark Wealth Management. Now, let’s hear from Wade about why he loves what he does so much.

Why did you get into financial planning?

Growing up on public assistance and the product of a hard-working single mother, I continually wondered why some people in society experienced economic success while great numbers did not. This question drove my pursuits and following my time in the service of this country, I endeavored to find out the “secret.” This led me to my academic studies at the University of Massachusetts at Boston following The Marine Corps. Following my time in college I entered the investment world at a major Boston mutual fund company. While at that firm I realized there is no “secret” to economic success—it happens as the result of planning, discipline and hard work.

 How long have you been advising clients?

20 years

What makes a great client relationship for you?

Honesty, integrity and caring. Every wealth management firm says they care, but we prove it every day. We stand by our clients and strive to make sure their future plans are obtained. We operate with complete transparency to make sure our clients fully understand their portfolio and investments.

What brings you the most satisfaction?

Over the last 20 years I have endeavored to be the advisor that leads my client’s efforts towards implementing the fruits of their hard work. I work with individual clients and institutions to help them accomplish whatever goals are important to them. I have the privilege of taking clients from whatever stage of life they find themselves and institute a disciplined approach towards goal development and implementation.

What separates you from competitors?

I am living Mark Twain’s famous quote “if you love what you do, you’ll never work another day in your life.”

How long have you worked with Benefit Equity?

8 years

What makes Benefit Equity your trusted partner?

Benefit Equity, who provides third party administration for some of our 401k clients as well as some pension plan work we do together, shares our basic values and does what they say they will do for our clients. That’s big because you can’t find it with just anyone.

Wade served honorably in the United States Marine Corps including combat tours throughout the Middle East and Asia and is a member of the American Legion Yacht Club and Post 291 Ceremonial Honor Guard. He is a Lector and Eucharistic Minister at his church. Wade lives with his wife and three children in Long Beach, where he coaches boys and girls club soccer.

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