Our People — the reason you can raise your expectations!

For almost three decades, Benefit Equity, Inc. has demonstrated in many ways our clients always comes first. In fact, if you asked our founder, our president, employees, clients or partners, you’d likely to hear a resounding consensus. It’s our experienced, talented, and long-tenured team—and their commitment to treating people with the greatest level of respect—that sets BEI apart from others.

Executive Team

Robert H. Gorelick, APA


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Michael I. Gorelick, APR


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Susan Russell


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Mark Russell


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Administrator Team

Edna Makhani

Senior Pension Administrator/Consultant

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Renee Machurski

Senior Plan Administrator

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Janeen Freije

Senior Pension Administrator/Consultant

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Kim Vo

Senior Compliance Administrator

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Tania Ucciferro, APA

Plan Administrator

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Quynh Nguyen

Plan Administrator

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Operations & Plan Services Team

Brad Knight

Plan Services Associate

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Nancy Aguirre

Operations Specialist

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Sales Team

Peter Manning

Pension Consultant

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Ashlee Elizabeth Vingle

Pension Consultant

714-504-9988 | email

Accounting & Office Management

Ellen Juan

Accounting Manager

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Shanna Steadman

Office Manager

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